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The ALITI Productions & Talent Agency USA branch was established in October, 2013, and in September, 2017, the Dubai, UAE branch, ALITI Productions & Talents, FZ LLE was launched.

ALITI P&T works with over 320+ Child Talent and Adult Talent from across the USA and from all over the world; focusing on the provision of:

Talent Castings and Bookings,

Career Development Services,

Talent Development Services,

Talent PR/ Marketing, Management and Representation Services; and

Content Creation, Media Advertising and Production Services.

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ALITI Productions & Talent Agency (USA | UAE)

Owner of ALITI FASIONS, USA and ALITI Productions & Talent Agency (USA | UAE), Alina Liwo obtained her Bachelor’s Degree from the Southern Illinois University, Carbondale (SIUC) in Applied Sciences and Arts with a specialization in Fashion Design, and launched her fashion brand in 2009 in the state of Illinois at the age of 19. She has toured the US and countries overseas, showcasing her collections and has won the award of Emerging Designer of the Year at private shows during New York Fashion Week, has received the CEO Award from Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated, and is a member of the Council of International Fashion Designers.

Alina has worked with CLICK Models, USA and the J. Pervis Talent Agency, USA, and the rigorous training she provided to the models of her collections; with the assistance of her sister Izabel Liwo, lead to those models moving on to model in New York Fashion Week, in catalog shoots for brands such as Aeropostale, and were booked as extras for TV shows like GLEE, etc. 

The request for the duo's model coaching services grew over the years and led to the launch of the Illinois based company, ALITI Productions & Talent Agency (ALITI P&T) in 2013, and later, the official launch of their Dubai branch, ALITI Productions & Talents FZ LLE, in September 2017.



ALITI Productions & Talent Agency, USA

Izabel Liwo has a Bachelor’s Degree in Radio-Television, with a specialization in Broadcast News from the Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (SIUC). She later completed her Master’s of Science Degree in Professional Media Management; specializing in Investigative Broadcast Journalism. Izabel has had the honor of working at two television news stations in Southern Illinois, WSIL-TV News 3 (ABC affiliate) and WSIU-TV News 8 (PBS affiliate).

Izabel’s national recognition as a journalist was mainly attained through WSIU-TV (PBS), where she quickly became one of the leading faces of the station’s 5PM newscast and Late Edition newscast. She has also worked with UK-HQ comedy productions company, Avalon Television, based in Los Angeles, California; where she exercised more career skills in the media & entertainment industry. Izabel has been the recipient and finalist of several awards. Her recognition ranges from academic and professional acknowledgements and her background has earned her a seat at moderated panel discussions on topics such as Mental Health, the Darfur, Sudan Crisis, etc.

Her career in fashion began as a model, where she featured in magazines and she is now the Co-Owner and CEO of ALITI Productions & Talent Agency; with her sister, Alina Liwo.