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PARTNERS: Mimyuni Media Entertainment

Mimyuni Media Entertainment: Media Distribution Partner

ALITI Productions & Talent Agency (USA | UAE) is proud to announce Mimyuni Media Entertainment as the Media Distribution Partner of our USA HQ AND UAE branch:

ALITI Productions & Talents FZ LLE

Project Collaborations

View the aired video

View the aired video

Broadcast Network 

Air-Time & Advertising Services

ALITI P&T will not only provide you with production services needed to create the advertisements you need to promote your business & services; via our partnership with Mimyuni Media Entertainment, we will also be able to provide you with radio and television broadcasting opportunities within the UAE (Etisalat | My-HD | DU) and overseas.

Contact [email protected] for more info on our Advertisement Production and Advertising/ Media Distribution rates.

"Mimyuni Media Entertainment is a company specializing in the creation of media products of a new generation. Through these innovative product, we aim to provoke our public to look at the world around them in a profoundly new way. We aim to develop new conceptual media production abounding with warmth, tenderness and tranquility. Our products are designed to induce only positive sensations and bring about the harmony we are frequently short of." ~Mimyuni Media Entertainment

ALITI P&T Dubai Miracle Garden 

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ALITI P&T Dubai Miracle Garden Video 2019

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